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#100HappyDays: Days 76-100

It's hard to believe my #100HappyDays challenge is complete - time flies! I've really enjoyed this project because it's helped me take time each day to think about what I appreciate. I've found that often times it's either spending time with Hubs, hanging with Millie Pup, enjoying food/wine or running/yoga. Here are some highlights from Days… Continue reading #100HappyDays: Days 76-100

#100HappyDays, Running

#100Happy Days: Days 26-50

It's hard to believe I'm halfway through the #100HappyDays Challenge! I've really enjoyed it thus far. Taking just a few minutes each day has helped me appreciate the little things. Here's a snapshot of days 26-50: Want to see more? Check out my review of #100HappyDays: Days 1-25 and follow me on Instagram!

#100HappyDays, Pets, Running

#100HappyDays: Days 1-25

It’s official, I’m one quarter of the way through the #100HappyDays challenge, and it’s been going really well. Every day I post a new photo on Instagram with the hashtag #100HappyDays, and each image features something that made me happy within the past 24 hours. The idea behind this is to help people become more appreciative… Continue reading #100HappyDays: Days 1-25