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Summer Running Fun

Eight weeks of 10K training are in the books!

This spring has been an incredible time of falling back in love with running post-injury. My BRF, Nadja, and I have been training for our 10K for 8 weeks now, and I’m loving every minute of it (even the hot and humid ones!). After my injury I was a little leery to start running again, but we’ve taken our time to deliberately build up our mileage, and I’m feeling stronger every day 🙂

After our weekend long run 😀

It’s been a blessing to see my BRF meet running for the first time too. We run together on the weekends, and during the week we might be able to fit in one run together, but typically we’re flying solo Monday – Friday. Weekday runs are a good time to build our mental toughness on our own, and on the weekends we build our physical strength together on our long runs!

FullSizeRender (1) - Copy
My first CSA pick-up from Heritage Prairie Farm from the Wheaton French Market on Saturday mornings. For the next 18 weeks Hubs and I will have more fresh produce than we know what to do with…and I mean that. We pick up more food in two days and I’m still eating my way through last week’s basket! YUM! #eatwholefoods #veggies
FullSizeRender - Copy
Post-run snack with goodies from the CSA – arugula and microgreens from Heritage Prairie Farm, and I added the tomatoes and mozzarella. Delicious!

Our long runs have been on the Wheaton Prairie Path (thank goodness for water fountains!), and our runs end in the quaint Wheaton downtown where the French Market is held. This week I’m going to remember to pack some extra money in my running belt so I can treat us to fresh lemonade and doughnuts post-run. The doughnuts are made fresh at the market and are still warm when they’re served. I realize they’re not a healthy post-run snack, but goodness, they’re so tasty…and I did wake up at 6am on a weekend to do this after all!

Millie Swimming - Copy
Millie Pup enjoying a quick dip in the river!

Another perk of running regularly again is that Millie’s getting more exercise. This week she and I went for a 3 mile run, and it was hot and sticky out. We stopped at the water fountain that has a doggy attachment so she could cool off, but I think she liked my second cool down option best. On our way back to the house we ran by the West Branch DuPage River and Millie went for a little dip. This dog LOVES to swim. It was too cute. She kept swimming out a little, looking back for approval, and then swimming out farther. I think she would’ve stayed there all day if I’d let her!

All this love for running has led me to decide…

*Drum Roll, please*

…to run the Naperville Marathon again this year!!

Last year was a successful year of fundraising, and I covered the 26.2 mile distance but it was a brutal, knock-out fight to the end. This year I want to run it strong and finish well 🙂

Let the training party continue!


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