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Slow and Steady


Holy guacamole, do I love running!

It can be easy to forget after an unplanned hiatus (well hello there, stress fracture and bronchitis), but I’m grateful for these experiences because they’re giving me the opportunity to fall in love with running again ❤ And it’s been an incredible experience thus far to witness my BRF Nadja meet running for the first time. We’ve already had great runs (runner’s high, how I love you) and challenging ones (why does everything hurt?!), but we haven’t missed a planned run yet 🙂

We’re training with a run/walk method that measures 2 weekly runs in minutes not distance, and the weekend long run in miles. I’m excited to be on a plan that’s purposefully taking injury prevention into consideration. The walking breaks give our heart rates a chance to slow down and have been leaving me feeling fresh the day after runs. Win-win!

Post-Run selfie with my BRF and Millie! Pup dog was in a VERY loving mood and wouldn’t stop giving Nadja kisses!
Our last 30 minute mid-week run/walk was very consistent, and with a strong finish to boot. Thanks for sharing our stats, Nadja! I have a feeling a new FitBit may be on my wishlist sometime soon 😉

This week our new training journals arrived. Psyched to use the Believe I Am Training Journal from Lauren and Ro again this year. It’s less then $20 and includes space to take notes for each day’s workout/run. And I love that at the end of each week we get to tally up our total mileage. It’s encouraging to see our numbers steadily and safely increasing!

I love, love, love tracking my workouts. Actually, I love keeping a journal about life in general, but it’s extra rewarding at the end of a year to look back at all of the opportunities I’ve had to sweat!

I may have gone a little crazy and decorated most pages of the workout calendar this year. But there’s something I find motivating about a blank page just waiting for my stamp of personality!

Here’s a look of the first week of training. I’m keeping track of runs as well as yoga classes taken and taught. Teaching isn’t as strenuous as taking a yoga class as a student, but it does take a toll on the body and as someone now very interested in injury prevention, I’m not taking any chances at over doing it this time around!

Millie Pup joined us for our most recent run, and she found a way to run through every single mud puddle (literally…for once I’m not exaggerating!). The header image for this blog post is Millie pouting post-shower. While the pup will find every puddle and pond to swim in, she’s not a fan of getting clean afterwards. Ha!

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