I Joined a Running Club!

It’s true, at long last I’ve officially joined a running club. This summer/fall I’ll be joining the Naperville Running Company on Saturday mornings for marathon training long runs. I’m so excited to have a group of folks to run with! While the pups make great buddies for shorter distances (I limit their long runs to avoid overheating), it’ll be nice to run next to someone who can answer me when I talk out loud. It’s possible I talk to the pups while running (“What did you see? Is that a chipmunk? Please don’t lunge that way. Oh, goodness!”), but it’ll be refreshing to hold an actual two-way conversation.


Hubs is a great running buddy too, but I think the idea of a 14+ mile long run is as alluring to him as walking over hot coals šŸ˜‰ Although he’ll be training for and running his third half marathon this upcoming January, so I’ve started calling him my favoriteĀ Reluctant Runner. He maintains that he doesn’t like running, but he sure is a strong athlete for someone who doesn’t enjoy it. Maybe if my friends and I can keep convincing him to sign up for races he’ll one day like it…that may have been my evil plan all along!

The NRC’s first group run is this upcoming Saturday morning, and I have to say I’m a little nervous. I’m not scared of meeting new people or carrying on a conversation (that is if I can still talk and breathe at the same time a few miles in šŸ™‚ ), but what if they totally kick my little solo-runner booty?Ā As someone who’s always turned to running for quiet, introspective time – will I like running with a Ā group?

I’m pretty sure the answer is YES! I’ve been looking for a BRF (Best Running Friend – Thanks AMR for that term) for a while, but it’s really hard to put yourself out there to meet someone new. I practically feel like it’s dating all over again (which I was never really that experienced at seeing as Hubs and I started dating when we were 18). So I’m putting on my big girl running panties (metaphorically speaking, because who really wears anything under compressions shorts anyways, I ask you!) and am taking the plunge. I’m really hopeful a running group will help me accomplish a few things:

  1. Make running friends (you know, someone who doesn’t look at you like you’re crazy when you say you’re actually looking forward to your long run!)
  2. Deepen my understanding of how to run farther than I ever have before (I’m pretty sure my max distance up to this point is 14 miles, and I can’t wait to see how much farther I can go)
  3. Keep me accountable during training (especially given all the rain we’ve been getting this summer!)

Away we go!

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