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In March Millie Pup officially marked her first anniversary as a House. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday that she looked like this and was small enough to tuck under my arm…

Our little 5 month old pup!

Now she’s a big, strong running machine. She’s 15 months old and 70+ lbs to boot!

And like most runners, she's really good at the post-run nap ;)
And like most runners, she’s really good at the post-run nap 😉

Recently though it seemed like something was missing…and by something, I mean someone. The time had finally come to add a second pup dog to the House family! It took a few months and many meetings with potential pups, but we finally found the perfect addition. While I wanted to bring each and every dog we met home, it was really important to us that our newest addition meet the following qualifications:

  • A great buddy for Millie – a must!
  • Active and ready to run – duuuuh 😉
  • Sweet disposition and a happy go lucky, “lab” attitude

And when I laid eyes on Rocky, I knew he was the one we’d been waiting for. We found him through an amazing labrador rescue group, Great Lakes Lab Rescue, and I can’t tell you enough how lovely it was to work with them. Patty made the entire process streamline, and after reading our application she called within an hour proclaiming that she had just the pup for us. And boy was she right!

Mr. Rocky at Dupage Animal Control
Mr. Rocky at DuPage Animal Control

This is Rocky’s profile picture from the DuPage Animal Control. He’s 10 months old, and he’d been surrendered by his previous owner to the shelter 2 weeks prior. This sweet pup was neglected in his old home. He was kept in a crate for 8+ hours during the day and only let out to eat and take bathroom breaks. He wasn’t exercised, and fluid built up on his elbows from all of the hours spent lying down. It’s called a hygroma (I’m learning all sorts of new things!), and thankfully it doesn’t seem to hurt him and we’re already working on treatment 🙂

When he was allowed out of his crate, his owner would muzzle him because he was “destructive.” But if anyone’s every known a 10 month old pup they know that they’re more puppy than dog, and everything within grasp is a potential chew toy. Add lack of mental stimulation and exercise to the mix and it’s no wonder he was interested in chewing everything. I’m thrilled to report that in the two weeks he’s been with us he hasn’t destroyed anything of significance (minus one minor incident with a book, ha!), and he’s one of the sweetest pups I’ve ever met.

We have some work to do in the training department, but we start our first class on Manners & Self Control tomorrow night 🙂

It’s amazing what two weeks of love, exercise and training can do for a pup’s appearance. I think we have a happy boy on our hands!

And not only do he and Millie get along like they’ve been lifelong buddies, but he’s an incredible runner! He settles into the run quickly and runs with great efficiency. Sometimes he looks at me mid-run and I swear he’s thinking, “So when are we really going to start running?!” Meanwhile, I’m huffing and puffy down the trail 😉

Rocky and Millie <3 It's puppy love!
Rocky and Millie – It’s puppy love! ❤

While the blog name won’t be changing, it might be more appropriate to call it Run with Pups – ha! 😀 I’m so thrilled to have found a playmate for Millie, and he’s already proven to be a big love bug who not only enjoys runs but is a pro-snuggler too. What’s not to love?!

Here’s to many happy runs together!

8 thoughts on “Introducing…Rocky!”

  1. Congratulations!!!! Rocky is so adorable and so lucky to have incredible pet parents like you guys! Way to go with giving that little guy an amazing life!! 😀

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a great fit for everyone, especially Rocky. So happy he found such a wonderful home & got out of a bad situation. Enjoy!

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