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Drink Your Veggies

I have a confession. I haven’t always been a vegetable lover. I still don’t like peas, and I’m not sure if that will ever change, but I’ve recently discovered a new way to eat veggies – and that’s to drink them!

Hubs and I invested in an Omega juicer this summer, and gosh do I love this machine. I make 4-5 different juices each week which we pair with breakfast or as a midday snack. I feel so refreshed after drinking juice!

We're juicing machines now!
We’re juicing machines now!

I have another confession. I’m a Netflix documentary junkie. Apparently it runs in our family, because my sister and I could talk about recent documentaries we’ve watched for hours on end. It’s not my fault, it’s genetic!

Check out this documentary on Netflix. You won’t regret it!

I was first introduced to juicing when I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead featuring Joe Cross. The documentary follows Joe through a 60-day juice fast. Under the care of a physician he lost 100 pounds and was able to discontinue all of his medications which he needed to combat an autoimmune disorder. After the fast he no longer needed the medication because he was healthy for the first time in years, and he’s kept the weight off and has maintained a healthy lifestyle ever since. If you haven’t watched this documentary yet I’d highly recommend it. I find it really inspirational!

2014-09-02 14.59.16

While I don’t plan on executing a 60-day juice fast, I have really enjoyed adding a glass of juice to my daily routine. Two of my favorite recipes are Beets and Treats and Green Aid.  It’s funny, because I was never a fan of beets before juicing…but now I can’t get enough of them! You just want to make sure you wash your hands and the countertop immediately after chopping and juicing – otherwise your hands are pink and so is the cheap, beige linoleum countertop in our apartment. Whoops!

2014-09-10 14.49.29

Millie also likes juicing. Or at the very least she likes to keep my company in the kitchen. She’s just too cute. She’ll lay down on the floor, and I know she’s behind me because from time to time she kisses my feet. I’m glad she does this so I don’t accidentally trip over her (although I have a feeling that day will come!).

2014-08-21 17.54.08

Have you tried juicing? If so, what do you think of it?

14 thoughts on “Drink Your Veggies”

  1. That’s incredible! Does the documentary divulge what type of diet he went on after the juicing? I’ve never done it, but based on this, it may be something that I’m interested in.

  2. We love juicing in our house, too! And I love your blog!! I’ve been meaning to watch that documentary forever. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to put it in my list so I don’t forget. 🙂

    p.s. The kids usually help me juice so I end up with beet stained counter tops EVERY time. Lol I found that magic erasers remove it in a flash! I’m not a huge fan of them but I do keep one around for the occasional stubborn counter stain that just won’t come out. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like to juice too, Cristi!! And I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying the blog 🙂 I have so much fun keeping it! And if you have time for the documentary I totally recommend it. So motivational!

      And that’s too cute that the kids help you. And great call with the magic eraser! I’m definitely going to have to get one. Our countertops have an ever present pink hue to them…whoops!

      Happy Monday my dear! ❤

    1. I’m thrilled you love to juice too!! It’s so tasty. I just invested in a bunch of mason jars so I can store juice for a few days in the fridge 🙂 Yummy! Hope you’re having a terrific week!

  3. I’ve been wanting to juice at home for forever – right now I buy all my juices at local cafés (which can get quite expensive let me tell you!) It’s good to know it’s doable at home too. And I’ve added that documentary to my Netflix queue, thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I totally know what you mean about the cost of juices adding up! We bought our juicer at Bed, Bath and Beyond – and I love their 20% off coupons. Before purchasing you’ll just want to read up on the difference between masticating and centrifugal juicers. Ours is masticating, and we love it!

      So glad you checked out the documentary too!

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