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Busy, Busy!

The last few weeks have been busy ones in our household! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • LASIK Surgery
  • First Wedding Anniversary
  • Hubs’ 25th Birthday
  • 40 Day Yoga Challenge
  • Marathon Training Commences!
  • Registered for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

In the beginning of July I went under the knife (or laser as the case may be) to correct my vision with LASIK. The surgery itself took less than 10 minutes, and the recovery was quick. I spent two days laying low, and after that I was ready to take on the world! My vision used to be 20/400 and the day after my surgery I tested at 20/20. Four days later I had my second follow-up appointment, and I tested at 20/15. I’ve never in my life been able to see everything around me so clearly. After wearing glasses/contacts since first grade, I still wake up in the morning and look for my glasses and panic a little when I think I’m stranded without them. Then I realize I can actually see, and it’s such an incredible feeling!

This was me before LASIK:


And this is me after:

July 3rd - One day after my LASIK surgery and I tested 20/20. After that result I donated my glasses - I'm free!
And this is me, one day post surgery…donating my glasses because I don’t need them anymore!

On July 6th Hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We had an incredible weekend celebrating together. The first anniversary is traditionally the “paper” anniversary, so we used that to theme our gifts. Hubs gave me a beautiful necklace that’s made of paper, and I gave him a “Year in Review” which was Up themed (which included tix to the U.S. soccer match this weekend – tickets count as paper, right?!). It was so much fun finding gifts for each other and celebrating this milestone!

2014-07-05 21.40.04
Toasting to our anniversary! Do you see my necklace? It’s made of paper – how cool is that?!
Have you seen Disney's Up? It was my inspiration for this gift. Every balloon had a photo attached which highlighted our first year of marriage.
Have you seen Disney’s Up? It was my inspiration for this gift. Every balloon had a photo attached which highlighted our first year of marriage. I even found an anniversary card with the Up characters…yes!

July 10th was Hubs’ 25th birthday, and we decided to celebrate by buying a 6 lb. lobster. We ate lobster rolls and homemade lobster raviolis for days!

Now that's a lobster claw!
Now that’s a lobster claw!

The 40 Day Yoga Challenge continues, and I’m absolutely loving it. I’m in the studio almost every day, and I couldn’t be happier. Last night I had a “double date” at Yoga by Degrees – aka back-to-back classes. The classes were held by one of my favorite teachers, and I always leave feeling refreshed!

Last weekend I participated in the Rock your Asana Workshop, and I finally feel comfortable trying inverted poses. I still have a long way to go (don’t we all?!), but I’m excited by my new-found confidence. Our teacher brought energy and fun into the studio, and I just loved the “vibe!” You can check her out on instagram at Rock Star Yoga!

Hubs joined me for the second of last night's classes. I love doing yoga together!
Hubs joined me for the second of last night’s classes. I love doing yoga together. And what a view after class last night. Beautiful!

Marathon training is officially underway, and it’s so liberating to run without my glasses! Last weekend’s long run was a 10-miler in the rain (it felt so good though!). It went surprisingly well (hooray!), but I was a little intimidated by this distance at first. My very first half-marathon training plan worked up to 10 miles max. So, beginning my marathon training with 10 miles gave me a little bit of sticker shock, but the run went smoothly. The weather turned for the worse in the second half of my run, but there was only way back to my car so I kept on trucking. In the end, it was a great day!

I was a little damp by the end of my run. At least I didn't get too hot from the sun!
I was a little damp by the end of my run. At least I didn’t get too hot from the sun!

And finally, I’m thrilled to report that I’ll be running the Disney Princess Half Marathon this February with one of my very best friends. It’s her first half, and I’m so excited to share the running love with her! And you better believe we’re going to rock some sweet costumes during the run.

I couldn't have survived college without her! <3
I couldn’t have survived college without her! ❤

And now, a Run With Pup post wouldn’t be complete with a quick shot of Millie Pup 🙂

Millie's new favorite place to sleep is on the arm of the couch, next to the window. Too cute!
Millie’s new favorite place to sleep is on the arm of the couch, next to the window. Too cute!

10 thoughts on “Busy, Busy!”

  1. Happy anniversary! Looks like you’ve been very busy in a good way. I’d love to have the lasik done. I went to a concert last night and my contacts dried out after a few too many drinks and I felt like I had tissue paper on my eyeballs! lol Best of luck on your half marathon. It’s got to feel awesome to be running it with your friend. I’m looking forward to seeing what the costumes will be. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Rob! It was a great first anniversary. Time sure flies!! And if you’re eligible for LASIK I totally recommend it. It’s been so incredible seeing life in more detail – and the lack of dry contacts is definitely a plus! And I’m so excited for the half marathon too! I’m thinking of Disney princess themed costumes. Win! 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary!!! And man that lobster claw is HUGE!!! hahaha lol 🙂 and you survived lasik surgery maybe I’ll get up the courage to do it soon myself

    1. Thank you, Lee! 🙂 And oh man, that lobster was so delish!!! If you have the chance to have LASIK I say go for it! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Life with good vision is mind-blowing! I’ve worn glasses/contacts since first grade…this is so liberating!

  3. Your anniversary gifts to each other are so awesome!!! Congrats on a good first long run – I think the hardest part of training for your first marathon is to not be intimidated by the distance, so it sounds like you’re off to a great start. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I love giving gifts 🙂 And you’re so right! I just look at my training plan one week at a time. Any more than that and I start to get a little concerned haha. My mantra for this training is simple, “One foot in front of the other!” Thank you for the encouragement!!

  4. It seems like you’ve had such an incredible year. I’m so jealous you got LASIK, I am really thinking it’s about time I start looking into that because I am exactly like that GIF you put up. Too funny! Congratulations on your first year of marriage. Wishing you many more to come!

    1. Thank you, Steph – it really has been an incredible year thus far! And I totally recommend LASIK. It’s made a world of difference! Hope you have a great weekend :)!!

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