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Overnight Puppy Stay

Last weekend Hubs and I boarded Millie overnight for the first time. I was so relieved when we finally found a place for her that felt right. The week leading up to our trip I felt like Goldilocks searching for the perfect place for Millie to stay.


The first location I visited wasn’t quite right. The facility was very clean, the staff professional and the location ideal. But the dogs were separated from each other the whole time, and Millie LOVES playing with other pups. At doggy day care she has a “boyfriend” – Dasher. He’s the sweetest Golden I’ve ever met!

Millie & Dasher <3
Millie & Dasher – The play together and cuddle during nap time. Adorbs!

So location #1 was too lonely.

The second place offered lots of doggy interaction, but I thought they were understaffed for the number of animals on the property. The facility was also very loud. We have a pretty quiet home, and even at doggy day care they keep the volume/barking pretty low. I didn’t want Millie picking up any bad habits from this weekend…

Location #2 was too loud.

We finally visited the third and final location, which was suggested to me by a colleague. This place was juuuuust right – hooray! The dogs play together during the day, and at night they have separate sleeping areas. In the doggy play area there’s always a staff member keeping an eye on things (dressed in a referee shirt – how great is that?!), and the whole set-up was professional, clean and well maintained. As soon as we walked in Millie’s labby tail was going a million miles an hour. She was so excited! I was so relieved to have found a place that was professional, well staffed and allowed for doggy play time.

DePaw University Canine Campus
DePaw University Canine Campus – Millie’s boarding location. It was just what we were looking for!

Finally, location #3 was lovely and just right!

I was so relieved to find a place where we could leave Millie for the weekend and have peace of mind about her well-being. The staff was so sweet to Millie when we first came in, that I don’t think Millie thought twice about leaving me to go play with the other pup dogs when I left. Hallelujah!

Have you gone through the dog boarding selection process? How’d it go for you and your pup or furry friend?

3 thoughts on “Overnight Puppy Stay”

  1. Hehe, this sounds like my husband and I!! We have a fabulous place that offers doggy playcare during the day and at night, Prince sleeps in a doggy suit and what I love is that they’re staffed 24 hours a day!! The idea of Prince being left alone at night would make me nervous.

      1. That sounds like the perfect place for Prince! I totally agree, the idea of them being left makes me nervous too! Millie had so much fun at DePaw, and she was so tired from all of her playing when we got home that she slept for so long that night. That’s how I know she had a good time 🙂

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