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Brooks Fun Run

I hope everyone’s weekends are going well! This was my first weekend home after my trip without jet lag (hooray!) and it’s been so much fun hanging out with Hubs and Pup.

Saturday morning Hubs and I attended the Naperville Running Company’s Brooks Fun Run. There was a great turnout for this 3+ mile run, and the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Learning the running path from our group leaders (should've listened better!)
Learning the running path from our group leaders (should’ve listened better!)

The run started along the Naperville River Walk, which is a beautiful brick pathway along the river complete with sculpture gardens, fountains and bridges.

2014-06-14 08.46.40
Running with this group was terrific. The group organizers stopped traffic for us, which was such a treat!

We continued along the river and turned around about 1.5 miles from where we started at NRC North.

2014-06-14 08.52.46
Our path was mostly shaded. Very pleasant on a warm morning!
2014-06-14 09.05.42
During this section of the run we were flanked by the river on one side and beautiful homes on the other. Dennis and I enjoyed “window shopping” for future homes.
2014-06-14 09.05.47
I took a sneaky picture of Hubs!

We accidentally added a little distance to our run by going one block too far on our way back. Luckily there wasn’t anyone directly behind us, or I would’ve felt badly for leading them astray. That’s what I get for taking pictures instead of paying better attention to our route – ha!

2014-06-14 09.22.37
Post-Run we enjoyed water, juice and bagels at the NRC. The staff here is extremely helpful and professional. If you need a new pair of running shoes in the Chicago suburbs, come on over.

Later in the day we took Pup to the dog park for the very first time. She had a terrific first experience. I think her socialization from our training classes and puppy day care are paying off!

Our first attempt at a photo was photo-bombed by Millie.
Our first attempt at a photo was photo-bombed by Millie’s tongue.
2014-06-13 13.03.26
After a few tries we got a keeper! I’m rocking my glasses for two weeks leading up to my Lasik surgery, so you’ll be seeing lots of me in my baseball hat!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend. Hopefully the weather is beautiful where you are too!

6 thoughts on “Brooks Fun Run”

  1. Sweet! Sounds like a pretty place to run and lasik surgery … you are brave! I’m scared to do it

    1. It was so beautiful! I need to remember to run there more often 🙂 And thanks! I’ve worn glasses/contacts since first grade, so I’ve finally decided it’s time. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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