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#100Happy Days: Days 26-50

It’s hard to believe I’m halfway through the #100HappyDays Challenge! I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. Taking just a few minutes each day has helped me appreciate the little things.

Here’s a snapshot of days 26-50:

Mercedes was the treat culprit!
April 28th – Pups’ treats kept disappearing from her basket and finding their way all over the house. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how she was doing it. Then I caught Mercedes in the act. She’s a cat burglar!
April 30th – I updated my yoga gear thanks to TheClymb.com. Want discounted gear for your active lifestyle? Check them out. But be warned, you’ll want to buy everything!
Spring Ahead 10k + PR
May 5th – The Spring Ahead 10k was an ideal day. I played Frisbee with Hubs and Pup, set a 10K PR and followed it all up with a sweet breakfast with Hubs (mmm…bagels!).
First outdoor meal of the season! #spring
May 8th – First outdoor meal of the season at our favorite restaurant – Coopers Hawk Winery!
May 12th – #underachiever #toofunny #ilovemyrunningbumperstickers
From the end of February to mid-May...she's grown so much!
May 13th – From the end of February to mid-May…she’s grown so much! I can hardly believe it.

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