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We Stand with Boston 5k

Last weekend Hubs and I went for a 5k run together. I planned this as my We Stand with Boston virtual 5k through Will Run for Bling and Charity. Proceeds from race registrations were donated to the One Fund Boston.

Hangover run_1a

It was important to me to show support for the Boston marathoners this year, and while I couldn’t make it to the race to cheer in person I wanted to make a contribution. While virtual races aren’t the same as in-person, organized races – I still enjoy them. I purposefully push myself to run well, and I was glad to run with Hubs because he’s always a good motivator (those long legs make him fast!).

This 5k puts me at 4 of 14 races for my 2014 Running Goals. I’m slowly chipping away!

I set a new personal best for a 5k on my Garmin - yes!
I set a new personal best for a 5k on my Garmin – yes!

And a run wouldn’t be complete without some puppy cuddles at the end. She’s such a love bug!

Hubs and Pup
Hubs and Pup

12 thoughts on “We Stand with Boston 5k”

      1. Nothing is too small! I’m sure that the survivors are very appreciative of all the efforts people do at every level. 🙂

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