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What If Everybody Ran?

Mizuno USA shared an advertisement in the latest Runner’s World magazine that caught my eye. They asked, “What If Everybody Ran?”

Then I discovered this interactive campaign on their website with even more insights – score! If you’re a runner I think you’ll be able to identify with a lot of the items they address. The campaign features the positive benefits of running…including everything from seeing more sunrises, to fewer health complications and even happier dogs!

Along with eye-catching advertisements Mizuno published an 11 page article on their findings, “What If Everybody Ran? An Investigation into the Potential Impact of a National Running Movement.” As a runner, I found that many of their insights resonated with me.

Mental Health Considerations

“Many studies suggest exercise can improve attention, memory and information processing, anxiety,  overall mood, and more. In a series of academic studies recently cited by Women’s Health writer, Karen Asp, women performed 20 percent better on memory tests after running on a treadmill than they did before exercising. They also increased problem-solving abilities by 20 percent and learned vocabulary words 20 percent faster after intense exercise.”

That’s good news, because I’ll be starting graduate school this August and running my first marathon in October. Hopefully my running will positively influence my academics! From personal experience I’ve found that I can concentrate for longer periods of time on my academics after a good workout (even a sweat session as short as 30 minutes helps me).


“From another perspective, a national running movement might create 29.3 million happier marriages. In a 2011 study, the Pew Research Center found 51 percent of the 230 million adult Americans are married.

10 Studies have shown exercise leads to happier relationships11, 12 and we know 50 percent of the population does not currently get the recommended level of aerobic exercise. By this logic, there are 58.65 million married Americans that do not run (230 million * .51 * .50) and each of them is one half of a couple. Converting them all to runners could lead to 29.3 million even happier marriages.”

Hubs and I are both active. He’s a rock climber and I run. We both know that it’s important to schedule our time to workout…and we can’t compromise the time we put aside for athletics because being active keeps us well balanced (mentally, physically and emotionally). If we value our relationship, then we need to equally value the time we set aside to workout. And the best of both worlds is when we can share our pursuits! I love days when I join Hubs at the climbing gym or when he goes for a quick run with me.

Creative Liberties

Under their Creative Liberties section Mizuno mentions dogs…which of course interests me!

“We might see 63 million happier dogs. There are 70 million domesticated dogs in the United States. If everybody ran, 90 percent more of the population would be runners (an increase of 270 million). If the dog population also experienced a 90 percent increase in running to parallel the dog-owning population, 63 million dogs could benefit from increased endorphins, decreased anxiety, and reduced anger following jogs.”

One of my neighbors is a personal trainer, and she and her dog walk a minimum of an hour together each day. She and I are always talking about the benefits of a physical lifestyle – not only for ourselves but also for our dogs. I walk/run Millie every day (sometimes twice a day when possible), but I’ve noticed that on days we take a shorter-than-normal walk/run she’s not as well behaved, doesn’t sleep as soundly and is a more mouthy (oh, puppy teething…when will you end?!). If this isn’t motivation to keep Pup active I don’t know what is. Since we’ve increased the time we spend outside exercising she’s consistently slept through the night (8 hours of sleep, you are so glorious!), she’s more focused during training and she’s even better behaved with the cats.

Mizuno 410x274

Take just a few minutes and check out Mizuno’s article. You might be surprised but what you learn…or as a runner…what you already knew from personal experience!

8 thoughts on “What If Everybody Ran?”

      1. Thanks! Silly question for you – how do you not get bored on runs… sometimes my mind just gets so bored on long runs and I don’t know what I can do about it! Any suggestions? Future blog post? haha

      2. Not a silly question at all – and definitely a great idea for a future blog post! Normally I bring my iPod with me for runs longer than a few miles. I find that upbeat music helps me keep up my pace. But be sure to mx up those playlists, otherwise they get a little redundant! I’ve also gotten into books on tape within the last few years. It might sound ridiculous, but Harry Potter on tape is really good! Haha…still a kid at heart 🙂

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