Park with the Pup

At the park post-run with Hubs and Millie

This past weekend marked three weeks of half marathon training. Which means, Sunday 9-Miler! I look forward to my long run each week. It’s my time to think and explore. I feel refreshed after a long run (well, at least mentally…). This week’s run was particularly great because:

1.) I used my Garmin Forerunner 220 and then synced it with the Garmin site (how cool is it to see the stats of your run?!)

2.) It was the first warm(ish) spring day all year. I only wore capris and a long sleeve technical shirt. At one point I even felt warm! In Chiberia that’s almos unheard of. I loved every second of being outside.

3.) Hubs and pup met me at the park at the end of my run. We love putting pup on the long lead leash and working on her “come” command.

All-in-all, a great long run weekend!

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