Life with Pup

I’ve been a puppy parent for four weeks now, and boy have I learned a lot. Here’s the cliff notes version of the experience thus far:

  • Crate training is very necessary.
  • Bully sticks, kongs, nylabones and other teething toys are your best friend. I think I’m the #1 customer at the local pet store. They know me (and Millie) by name already.
  • Puppies have a lot of energy…more than you probably thought!
  • Texts with hubby have gone from “No, I love you more!” to “She peed outside. Yes!”
  • Puppy bladders are small and probably won’t last through the night. Get ready to break out the coffee.
  • Running schedules are highly impacted by puppies. Want to run after work? Think again, pup’s gotta pee, eat dinner and pee again! Then you can lace up – or pour yourself a glass of wine.
Napping Millie Pup
Napping Millie Pup

But, for all the frustrations that come with a puppy, there are just as many (if not more) joys. Here’s what I love about pup:

  • She’s already a runner! During our outings she walks on the way out and then jogs the whole way home. And she LOVES it.
  • When she wakes up you can snuggle her and she forgets your arm is her favorite chew toy.
  • When she sits on command – win!
  • At her puppy socialization class, I like to think she’s the cutest one there…even if I am highly biased.
  • The other night I came home and Hubs was already hanging out with Pup. When she heard the door open she ran downstairs to greet me. It made my heart so happy to see her so thrilled to see me!
So glad for chew toys and the pet store down the road!
So glad for chew toys and the pet store down the road!

In a nutshell March included potty training, teaching Pup how to walk on a leash, lots of cuddles, countless bully sticks and fewer runs than I had scheduled. In April Hubs and I will have a better game plan (now that we’re used to being puppy parents!) and we’ll both be able to fit in more workouts…and blog more! Soon enough pup will even be able to run with me. Little does she know that she has a big, exciting life ahead of her.

Millie likes to bring souvenirs home from our was a stick and a leaf!
Millie likes to bring souvenirs home from our walks…today was a stick and a leaf!

2 thoughts on “Life with Pup”

  1. Our pup was a rescue so it was almost a year before I could leave for a run without him crying and carrying on. Now he doesn’t even get up in the morning until I get home from running. Unfortunately he’s a hound mix so not a good running buddy, but I love how happy he is to see me when I get home! Dogs are awesome and it will get much easier as he gets older. Enjoy the puppy days!

    1. Your pup sounds adorable! So glad he’s learned to sleep-in a bit too 🙂 Millie gets up by 6 am, and I’m looking forward to the days when I can fit in a quick run before she wakes up! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement!

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