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Millie is Here!

I have exciting news to share…the pup portion of “Run with Pup” is here!

Last Saturday Hubs and I drove out to PA to Endless Mountain Labs. There we picked up our Millie girl. She is very sweet, and is learning quickly. One week in and she’s almost house trained and is close to sleeping through the night. She’s even learning the sit command already. What a smartie!

Being new puppy parents is hard (and requires naps and lots of patience to keep up!), but it’s going to be a journey that’s completely worth the effort. Little does Millie know that she’ll be my running buddy one day. For now we’re starting with walking two blocks from home and back…we’ll start with baby (puppy) steps first!

This past week I took a break from running to concentrate on Millie, but this week Hubs and I have a workout/puppy schedule in place so we can both meet our fitness goals. Thank goodness for Google calendar…keeping my life in order one week at a time.

Here’s our pup at 8 weeks old!

Millie Puppy!
Millie Puppy!

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