Spring Training…Commence!

This weekend I scheduled some upcoming races, and officially began training for my first half marathon this spring. I’m still registering for some of the races because registration fees add up quickly, but it feels great to have a plan!

Upcoming races:

Longer term race goals:

Both the Chicago and Marine Corps Marathon are lottery entries, and I’d just be thrilled to just get into one of them.

*Chicagoland Half Marathon Series – 39.3 Challenge: If you run all three Chicago half marathons this year, you receive a special finishers medal for completing the challenge. I love the Chicago races, so I might as well get some extra bling out of it!

Today I went for my first long run of the spring training season. It was a chilly day, but the sun was out and that can make all the difference. Here’s a shot from my favorite park.


Today I had the realization that I wear A LOT of layers. I am definitely not made for winter weather running, but I’m giving in my best shot. Here are all my layers and gear from today.

ImageThis spring I’m using the Runner’s World Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan. I used this plan for the first time last fall for the Madison Half Marathon, and I set a PR of 2:13:07. This year I’d love to break the 2:00 mark.

Spring training…commence!

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