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Race 1 of 14 – Complete!

Today was the Super Shuffle 5k hosted by the Geneva Park District. It was a chilly 15 degrees for the run, but it felt exhilarating to be outside in the fresh air (that is until I couldn’t feel my lips or ears…why do those always go numb first?).

Hanging out in the Geneva Middle School Pre-Race
Hanging out in the Geneva Middle School Pre-Race

Chicagoland received 6+ inches of snow yesterday, and the path was shoveled but not salted…which made the race pretty interesting! I made sure to take many small steps to avoid the sneaky ice patches. After seeing countless people wipe out my goal for the day quickly shifted from a PR to not regaining consciousness in the ER with an appendage in a cast. I’d like to report that I not only didn’t take a dive (okay…I may have done a one legged wiggle on the ice, but I didn’t fall!) but I also set a new PR with a 28:58 5k.

Pre and Post Race Photos!
Pre and Post Race Photos!

Today marks the first race I’ve completed with my Garmin Forerunner 220. Hubs gave it to my for Christmas this year, and I can’t understate the number of “Thank YOUs!!!!!” I sent his direction…best gift giver evah’. I found it really helpful to be able to check my watch and see 1.) how many miles were behind me, 2.) my current pace and 3.) the overall time lapsed. I think it’s going to be an invaluable training tool this year as I tackle my first marathon.

After the race we headed over to the Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center for the post-race party…aka Kate stalking the race director until she knew exactly where to stand to ensure she received her size medium race-day sweatshirt because she’ll be damned if she woke up early on a Saturday to run in the freezing cold over snow, ice and sleet and NOT receive a sweatshirt (even though she already has countless race sweatshirts…!). After Hubs and I participated in the post-race Super Bowl festivities by eating hotdogs, cotton candy and popcorn we finally learned where the sweatshirts would be disbursed and secured a front row spot…excellent!

I’m now one step closer to my 14 races in 2014 goal. One down, thirteen to go!

Time to enjoy the rest of Super Bowl Sunday with a post-race beer, friends, football and most importantly…commercial breaks.

Well Earned Post-Race Beverage
Well Earned Post-Race Beverage

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