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After a break from running in December due to multiple colds, I’m using January to build my running base before spring training gets underway. It’s a great feeling! I’ve been slowing increasing my mileage (no injuries wanted here) and today I scheduled a 7 miler. The only thing is, yesterday Hubs and I decided to be good citizens and donated blood (for those of you in IL check out the Heartland Blood Centers site for a location near you!).

While donating I turned to Hubs and only kind of jokingly said, “So no long run tomorrow?” which the attending physician definitely overheard and countered with, “Absolutely no running for two days.” To which my well mannered self replied with, “Of course!” While secretly my running brain was thinking, “No way buddy! If the run’s on the calendar the run’s on the calendar.” So I  drank many Nalgenes of water yesterday and decided that would speed my post-donation recovery enough for a long run the next day.

Hubs works in the safety & health field. God love him, he doesn’t say anything when I head out for long runs in the summer heat with nothing more than my Road ID, super flattering (insert ironic tone here) water phanny pack and my iPod…well and $5 in case I get lost and need him for a ride home. But this morning he gave me a withering stare when I shared my running plans.

I told Hubs I’d listen to my body and would take it slow. And boy did I. I ran .85 of each mile and then walked the final .15 for 7 miles. Thankfully I had a trusty treadmill to run on (since it’s 10 degrees here in Chicagoland…I don’t do the cold) and a good book to read. You may think I’m crazy, but I’m one of “those people” that reads on the treadmill. The text is HUGE so I can read it while bouncing around (note to self – have a smoother gait) and I have to swipe the e-page every 10 seconds, but it sure helps the miles go by and it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading. So after 98 carefully timed minutes (the treadmill maxes out at 99 minutes…what is that?!) I completed my run/walk and didn’t pass out once. I count this as a win for the day!

I love reading books about running. I especially like reading books about running while running. Something about it makes me feel pretty cool. This week’s selection was called Confessions of a Fat Marathoner written by runner/blogger-turned-author Kristina Burkey. She chronicles her journey of running the Boston Marathon and raising money for cancer research while being an overweight person. Her style of writing is very entertaining (I got some funny looks from the other treadmiller when I kept laughing out loud) and she addresses a lot of biases, opinions and stereotypes about overweight people. It was an easy read, but I found it enlightening and I definitely enjoyed my time in Kristina’s world.

Have any recommendations for my next book? I’m always open to suggestions!

Snowy Chicago!
Snowy Chicago!

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