2014 Goals, Running

Live by Design, Not Default

Running is a funny thing. You voluntarily wake before dawn on weekends, train in weather that makes most (sane) people stay indoors and feel your most badass when you lace up your favorite pair of running sneaks. And the funny thing is, one day you find yourself excited to do all of this. In a way, it comes to define you.

My name’s Kate and I’m a runner, food and wine lover (don’t confuse lover with connoisseur…I appreciate good food and don’t judge if you serve Two-Buck Chuck), international educator and an artist. Recently married to my college sweetheart and our little family consists of two cats and a Labrador puppy come April.

“Live by Design, Not Default.” I first read this quote about six months ago, and I’ve taken it to heart. It defines my 2014 goals, and I look forward to chronicling how I “live by design” right here!

Rock n' Sole Half Marathon Hubs' 1st and Last Race
Rock n’ Sole Half Marathon with Hubs

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